Tyron at the Out&Loud Festival 2015

This was also very special for us. We played the gig at the Out&Loud Festival with TWO Drummers as time had been too short for our new one to learn the whole set. But things went very well…we think..!


Debut album

We are nearly ready! On the 21st of march we will enter the studio to record our debut album with Tyron. After the great resonnance for our promo EP we decided to work again with Martin Buchwalter (Gernhart Studio) who has already cooperated with bands such as Destruction, Sodom, Suidakra and many more. We are really looking forward to that and we know that the result will kick some asses!!!

The artwork for our CD cover is already done:


CD Cover 1

Hello world!

This is the official Tyron Homepage. There is still a lot of work to do but in future this will be the place where you can find important information, news, gig announcements etc.