Vote for Tyron to play Sweden Rock Festival!!!

Tyron is among 135 (out of over 900) bands that have made it through to the first voting round in the Sweden Rock Band Competition 2017!!!!
Friends we ask for your help to bring us on stage with legends such as KANSAS, Aerosmith, Scorpions, Venom, Rhapsody and many many more!

The first round of voting will start on January 17th at 09.00 (CET), and will end on January 27th at 17:00.

The rules are:
– You can only vote twice a day per IP-address.
– The 25 bands with the most votes from round 1 will go through to a second voting round.

The final four winning bands will get to play Sweden Rock Festival 2017!

Just follow this link and vote twice a day for Tyron:

Sweden-Rock Festival








„Best Newcomer Debut Album 2016“

Rebels Shall Conquer has been voted „Best Newcomer Debut Album 2016“ on Stormbringer.AT!!!!
This is absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much!

Bestes Debütalbum eines Newcomers: TYRON „Rebels Shall Conquer“
Zwar sind auch die Alben von HANSEN & FRIENDS und ROCK WOLVES Debüts, da es sich hierbei aber schon um alte Hasen handelt, soll an dieser Stelle der musikalische Nachwuchs gewürdigt werden. Die Wurzeln von TYRON reichen zwar auch schon acht Jahre zurück, aber nun erschien das Debütalbum, das viel Gutes für die Zukunft erhoffen lässt.
See the whole article here (only German): – Jahresrückblick 2016

TYRON sign with Redlion Music

We are thrilled to announce that we have just signed a non-exclusive contract with the one and only Redlion Music booking agency for Continental Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and UK.
Redlion is working with some really established bands like Exumer, Mystic Prophecy and others. So we are in good company.




Redlion Homepage

Tyron sign with Iron Shield Records

We are stoked to announce our cooperation with Iron Shield Records!
Iron Shield is a dedicated label with focus on old school metal, so exactly what we need. Our album „Rebels Shall Conquer“ will be published via Iron Shield Records / Soulfood Distribution in October 2016!